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Venha entender como a Economia Criativa pode transformar seus negócios e a sua cidade.
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We develop the main conception of a company according to the company's targets, and develop strategies of competitive advantage. We explore the dynamics of your market industry, competitors' cases, explore trends, and use new technologies for promoting your brand.
Fazedores de Cultura
We help create specialist portraits, develop ways of personnel training. We develop branding for new companies or rebrand products. Our advantages are company identity, packaging, brand auditing, copywriting, brandbooks, etc.
Developing new products and business processes, timeline development, cost estimation, ways of motivation, documentation, and everything that is important for a company.
Empresas Envolvidas
este projeto nasce da junção destas duas empresas lero lero lero
Kundalini Yoga
Invigorating practice that raises the energy of kundalini from the base of the spine with the help of regular practice of meditation and asana combinations.
Fly Yoga
This is a unique combination of yoga asanas, therapeutic gymnastics, relaxation and meditative poses in a hammock with no load on the spine.
Sandra Mara Selleste
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Clair Junior
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